Monday, April 25, 2011

Harrison on the Edge (Ustream.TV Webcast) (

Cary Harrison and Mercy Malick (photo at left) go live on ("Harrison on the Edge") on today's live Webcast of their Pacifica radio show Go Harrison (KPFK, 90.7 FM). Watch the archive anytime.

Google maps is tracking all US nuclear facilities and their danger zones in case of an "impossible" malfunction like Japan. So possible is this impossibility that they have never been able to get insurance for the plants, many owned by G.E. Big business, which profits immensely not by turning a profit in selling this utility but by getting massive taxpayer subsidies, cannot find an insurance company willing to take the bet.

WikiLeaks dropped a bombshell this weekend: Guantanamo is lie; it's not full of the "worst of the worst" the way the government and military-industrial complex claimed for years as it tortured them and incited Islamists and Jihadists to fight back against our worldwide imperial aggression in foreign lands. It's full of children, elderly, and utterly harmless innocents in addition to other alleged criminals.

How did we get them? They were turned over for such crimes as having been in "Al Queda" custody (so we could learn about their interrogation methods), possessing Casio watches on their wrists (a known device that can be used for bomb making), being elderly or senile, and -- most popular of all -- simply being accused by anyone in Afghanistan, Pakistan, or any other -istan the US military is busy invading and provoking to fight back to justify our invasions and clampdowns.

Did you know your iPhone and iPad were spying on you? Of course you did! But did you know you could opt out of being tracked? Oops. Apple forgot to tell anyone. Any smartphone is already transponding your location and the identities of your associates every time you pass a tower (even when your phone is off). It's reporting on you every 30 seconds.