Tuesday, April 19, 2011

UFO Disclosure to U.S. Public Increasing

Alien discovered in Siberian snow
Video still of alien discovered in Siberia with missing limbs from crash (news.com.au). Hoax or cover up?

A video that has gone viral (with 1.5 million hits in two days) with incredible footage that has emerged of what a group of Russians claim is the remains of a mangled alien. The Sun reports the lifeless "body" was found in snow in the Irkutsk region of southern Siberia following reports of a "pink and blue glowing object," which crashed from the sky. More

China announces: Obama to reveal UFOs exist
EU Times (Jan. 23, 2011)

Hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens were stunned after government makes Obama UFO statement. They remain stunned today after China’s official government television news station Xinhua made their unprecedented January 4th announcement that the American president, Barack Obama, was preparing to announce to the world the existence of extraterrestrial races currently on our planet fueled by what they call an “extraterrestrial disclosure race” now developing between China and the US. Unfortunately for the American people, their propaganda media outlets have refused to allow them to know of this historic event. And even worse, they are keeping from these people [the Americans] the grave and dire situation facing our entire planet as we near what the ancients called “The End of Days.”

JFK Demanded UFO Files Prior to Assassination
NowPublic, April 19, 2011

JFK Requested UFO Files From FBI: What Do We Know About Aliens? Just ten days before he was assassinated [by a government plot], US President John F. Kennedy sent a letter to the CIA demanding information on UFO intelligence.

Kennedy wanted to share UFO intelligence with Moscow in order to expedite joint space exploration and UFO investigations amid the chill of the Cold War: "It is important that we make a clear distinction between the knowns and unknowns in the event the Soviets try to mistake our extended cooperation as a cover for intelligence gathering of their defense and space programs."

JFK: "Tell Me About Aliens and UFOs"
The letter was sent on November 12, 1963. On the same day, JFK wrote to the director of NASA to orchestrate cooperative efforts in space exploration.

The timing of these letters will thrill conspiracy theorists, who will connect these requests with the death of JFK. The JFK-aliens connection has already been made. But the FBI vault will only throw fuel on the fire. What would Robbie Williams, pop star and UFO researcher, think?

FBI: Cattle Mutilations, Aliens, UFOs, Frank Sinatra

The FBI Vault has some fascinating releases, but the search functionality isn't perfect. Searching for "Roswell" turns up a file on Frank Sinatra, though no mention of the purported UFO crash site is actually mentioned in Sinatra's file. If you want to read FBI documents on cattle mutilations, and their suspected connections to cults and flying saucers, go for it.

The FBI Vault has a ton of UFO-related material More

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