Friday, April 15, 2011

Coachella Music Festival (Info Central)

Wisdom Quarterly Coachella Information Central (courtesy of KROQ),

Cee Lo Green(!), Ms. Lauryn Hill, Chemical Brothers, Kings of Leon, Ozomatli, and the Black Keys rock the lawn on Friday as temperatures soar to 99 degrees Fahrenheit. Earth Day, Go Green Expo in Los Angeles, New Year's Day in Sri Lanka (celebrated for children at the Los Angeles Buddhist Vihara in Pasadena, California)... as well as an enormous multi-religious festival on the other side of the planet in Dhaka, Bangladesh, make this one enormous weekend of possibilities.

Going to "Woodstock" West

Wisdom Quarterly (REPORTING)
Save the $250.00 and watch it at home. It's boring walking around a giant manicured lawn, actually a massive polo field in the desert, going from tent to tent or being crushed in front of various temporary stages. There's too much sunlight for all the drunkards and people trying to scam up some free love. It looks much better than it feels to be here! Meditating in concentric circles, with strangers joining in, is the only thing making it worthwhile. It's an art festival, but the only "art" we see is on stilts surrounded by police and guys in cargo shorts.

Cee Lo Green sings his megahit "Crazy" as part of Gnarls Barkley in Roskilde, Denmark

Advice: How to Survive NOT Going to Coachella

( The time is almost upon us. This week, tens of thousands of beautiful indie kids will descend on a patch of desert in Indio, California, and bear witness to some of the finest music the modern world has to offer at the 13th annual Coachella Festival. For those who didn't manage to get a ticket (because they sold out in one week!), couldn't get the time off, or couldn't wrangle a guest pass from that guy who's friends with that dude you know from work who used to do merchandise-sales for [insert band name here] back in [insert year here], here's some helpful advice for not turning green with envy once Friday rolls around.