Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Taxpayer receipt: Where our tax dollars go

[The following is a feelgood media deception accounting for where tax dollars go. Income tax, as distinct from state taxes and taxes charged for consumer products, is used to pay off debt generated by the Federal Reserve, a private bank that controls currency and derives exorbitant profits from doing so. It may be hidden in the national debt/deficit so things may be paid for and further interest charged for that mindboggling debt. This tax receipt is a best case scenario of where our money goes, which admits that not all military spending -- particularly massive black budget operations -- is accounted for.]

Just how much of the federal taxes you pay go to footing the bill for U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Or, what's your share of the tab for interest on the national debt? And how about to fund Medicare and Social Security, or to support foreign aid or the FBI?

The simple truth is most of us don't have any idea how Uncle Sam divvies up the money we send him every year. That makes it hard to understand the real choices the country faces as Congress and the President debate how to get our fiscal house in order. More