Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Does the Mayan Calendar explain it? (video)

Sean David Morton "Prophecy 2012: Road to Tomorrow and Beyond"

In this amazing talk framed in terms of Mayan calendar prophecy, a talk also given at the October 2010 Conscious Life Expo, Sean David Morton makes sense of what is really going on.

Some ideas may sound so outlandish as to put mainstream listeners off until these ideas are combined with irrefutable facts: Much of what Morton was saying in 2009 that was unbelievable then has already come true!

The rest of what he is saying, therefore, becomes more believable. He is not giving breaking news on specifics (that was already done by others, and each key term such as "FEMA camp" or "Promise 2 software" can be fruitfully explored with any browser).

He is tying together an incredible array of specifics from a spiritual perspective, as contrasted with the scientific perspective provided by his co-presenter in another talk.