Monday, April 25, 2011

iPhone, SpyPhone

Wisdom Quarterly

The new SpyPhone (iPhone 4) has been caught red handed. It has been spying on its purchasers and users.

Not only does it put off more radiation than most smartphones -- worsening TMJ stress and female hormonal disruptions (according to Dr. Pana, a holistic dentist in practice in Santa Monica) but also weakening one's aura (bioelectromagnetic energy field) and increasing the likelihood of a correlated (because the industry will bury any study that alleges causation) cancer diagnosis -- now its homeland spying features on users has been discovered.

Cell phones have been triangulating the location of those in possession of phones for some time now. The only shocking news is the discovery of this embedded program in the phone and the easy of being tracked by anyone compromising our phones and computers, like TSA at the airport, Homeland Security, or any other agent who takes said phone to another room for a second.

Danek S. Kaus (, April 21, 2011)
Your iPhone tracks your location and stores it in a hidden file, whether you like it or not. So does your iPad 3G. That's the recent revelation of British researchers Alasadair Allan and Pete Warden. The devices have been recording latitude and longitude as well as time of day since the introduction of iOS4. It has been speculated that the devices capture the locations through cell-tower triangulation for years, long before the fourth generation. To make matters worse, the information is not encrypted, which means it is available on any computer that you synchronize your phone to. Anyone who has access to those computers or your phone could learn where you've been and when you were there. Because the information is not protected it is also subject to hacking. More