Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obama releases birth certificate

Wisdom Quarterly (ANALYSIS)

It's not clear how this "settles" anything. It might have been better to convincingly answer why it was so hard to produce this evidence until now, or to explain why millions of dollars were spent on behalf of Obama to cover his history and paper trail. Try to interview anyone or to follow his meteoric rise from a poor school in Hawaii to Harvard. The best explanation was provided by Dave Emory, suggesting that Obama was groomed for many years by clandestine services and installed.

How does providing a government document from a corrupt government prove anything? After all, how hard is it for the CIA to produce the necessary documents to prove anything they want? Spy organizations do it all the time. The fix is in, and it has been for years.

They already pulled strings to make him a Nobel Peace Prize laureate. Never mind that he abandoned his campaign promises to pull out of Afghanistan and close the US torture facility/prison at Guantanamo. Far from becoming more peaceful since being crowned a Nobel Peace laureate, he has orchestrated more war and causes of war:

  • launching drones to attack Pakistan
  • fomenting dissent in the geopolitical Middle East, particularly Iran, abusing the executive office just like Bush to depose Libyan leader Qaddafi while saying the goal was not remove him from office then saying that was the goal, and claiming there would be no "boots on the ground" when in fact he had already signed an order to put CIA agents' boots on Libyan ground
  • pouring billions into war on Iraq
  • pouring even more money into war on Afghanistan
  • growing the deficit (our national debt)
  • spying on Americans
  • continuing funding on all the secret or "black" budget operations engaged in by the Pentagon and the military-industrial complex
  • sinking the US dollar
  • promoting nuclear power even after Japan.

Obama has backed more corporate exploits and has successfully done more to further Bush administration policies than a President Dick Cheney ever could have.

Pres. Obama may not, legally speaking, be president of the United States as we know it. But, according to investigator and analyst Sean David Morton, he is president of the Corporation of the United States (US, Inc.). According to investigator and analyst Sean David Morton, that is why he "fumbled" the public oath of office and then did a re-do in closed chambers. There was no chance the Donald Trump was going to depose the possible future leader of the unfree world, a world-president.

What this public display between Birthers and Apologists reveals is amazing: It is not Republicans vs. the USA, nor is it Democrats vs. the USA. Both parties are partly in collusion and partly in the dark.

There is a "shadowy government" (Sen. Inouye) and a "military-industrial complex" (Pres. Einsenhower) that makes the decisions regardless of whether a Democrat or a Republican is in office.

They select who holds office, then they tell them what to say not by force but through advisers and pulling the strings of the media, industry, banking, and clandestine services (American spying agencies).

The hope that by voting for "change" we'll get actual change is revealed as a fantasy.

We're lucky to have a handsome, thoughtful, well-spoken fraud in Barack "Barry Soetoro" Obama.

What will we be offered as an "alternative" in 2012, a Sarah Palin/Donald Trump ticket? The bottom line is, We don't need a third party. We need a second one.

  • The Mayan calendar is used as a template to explain what will happen in the US -- banking crisis, debt, war, "natural" disasters, second coming, Barack Obama (born in Africa, made president of the US, Inc. ), FEMA camps, astrological chart, Quetzecoatl, and so much more.