Friday, September 2, 2011

Our Unnatural Line of Earthquakes, Wisdom Quarterly

Few seem to have noticed that there is nothing "natural" about recent temblors, weather, and flooding disasters (

Tenpensdown often checks the site for earthquake updates. And among others [on Coast to Coast] has noticed a strange pattern emerging since the East Coast quake that hit Washington, DC, NY, and Virginia. Add a red line across the unusual activity, and the unnatural linear pattern emerges. Add data points from an eight-day animation, and it appears there were even more earthquakes along this line marking quakes in different locations. Is this a common trend? The map above is updated frequently for anyone to check. Of course, no one will be surprised to discover that our shadowy government obscures patterns and distorts data when it finds them inconvenient. Source

Patterns? What patterns? It's only an "act of God."