Friday, September 16, 2011

Alchemy Conference (Long Beach)

The largest gathering of Alchemists in 500 years! Come for transformation and to learn an ancient wisdom for modern times, September 16-18, 2011

Discover the art of transformation
Be nurtured for three days in the alchemy way of life with initiation into the sacred mysteries. Find knowledge and tools that sustain and transform life. Forward thinking types will take part in finding solutions to current issues the world now faces.

The Alchemy Conference is a unique event. It is both an outstanding forum to learn about scientific findings and spiritual teachings from world-renowned experts and an opportunity to mingle with like minded seekers. Gain insights and a sense of personal improvement.

Take a quantum leap
East meets West, old meets new, people from all over the world gather and discover practical solutions for improving life. This is the largest collection of practicing alchemists in the last five centuries! The conference will be revealing the secrets to an extraordinary life. Action is important step toward an extraordinary life and planet. And abundant opportunities are now being offered to consciously transform life starting with the individual.

What resonates?
  • Meditations and experiments toward enlightenment
  • Awaken powerful energies to fuel transformation
  • Mysteries of the ages for bringing abundance and wealth
  • Creating a sustainable environment
  • Revealing the hidden secrets of life
  • Lightwork and bodywork
  • Recognizing hidden “signatures” of people and events
  • Transmuting emotions, thoughts into purified consciousness
  • Applying alchemical strategies for professional growth
  • Alternative healthcare and continuing rejuvenation
  • Spiritual transformation
  • Ancient techniques to increase sensuality and sexuality
  • Gain life momentum