Thursday, September 22, 2011

News of the Day: Ganesh vs. Hitler (video)

Wisdom Quarterly

() Are we all brainwashed? Or have we lost our minds? This journey through the subconscious mind explores the alleged usage of "subliminal messages" in advertising, music, film, television, anti-theft devices, political propaganda, military psychological operations (PsyOps), and advanced weapons.
"Programming the Nation" opens Friday.

Nirvana poured their hearts into "Nevermind"
With their untucked flannel shirts, messy hair, and laid-back air, the three members of [the band] Nirvana -- Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl, and Krist Novoselic -- projected pure slackerdom when they burst onto the cultural scene in 1991. But that look was deceiving. As an expansive new multi-disc re-release of "Nevermind" reveals, the band worked incessantly for more than a year to craft an album that went on to rock the foundation of the music business in the same way that the Sex Pistols' (similarly titled) "Never Mind the Bollocks" caused a punk explosion in the disco age. "These guys were far from slackers; they were very ambitious," says Butch Vig...

[Racist] jury convicts Muslims of interrupting Israeli ambassador

An Orange County jury has reached a verdict in the Irvine 11 case of Muslim students accused of conspiring and disrupting a February 2010 speech by the Israeli ambassador to the United States. The case garnered national attention over free-speech rights and centered on conflicting views of who was being censored.

Nepal to back Palestine's struggle for independence
Prime Minister Bhattarai said that Nepal will support Palestine’s bid for statehood if there is voting at the United Nation’s 66th General Assembly. Talking to media in New York, PM Bhattarai said that Nepal would back Palestine’s long struggle for independence.

() Ganesh ersus the Third Reich

Ganesh vs. Hitler play upsets Hindus
(ANI) Hindus are concerned at the play "Ganesh Versus the Third Reich," which is having a world premiere at Melbourne Festival in Australia on September 29. Hindu spokesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, said that Lord Ganesh was meant to be worshiped in temples and home shrines and not to be made a laughing stock on theater stages.

Hinduism: Where Science and Spirituality Intersect
[Gadadhara Pandit Dasa] was invited to a panel discussion at Columbia Univ. on science and religion. Not having a background in science, I was a bit uncomfortable with participating, but the group organizing the event really wanted an Eastern/Hindu perspective on how science fits into the Hindu philosophy and tradition.

Pop astronomer Carl Sagan explores God and gods

Helping others is good karma
(DNA) Every human on earth seeks happiness. Many devotees perform pujas to prosper and remain happy. But in Hinduism, happiness is something which can be felt after helping others.

Angela Davis is passionate about the hardships of US blacks

Black Power Mixtape (trailer)
Discovered on the floor of a Scandinavian studio, this amazing assemblage of American Black Power voices from 1967-1975 opens in Los Angeles today. Danny Glover on DN!

A Monk’s View: the US and China-Tibet Dialogue
(The Tibet Post, Mundgod in Focus: Part II) In a series of special features, TPI journalist Colleen McKown reports from India's largest Tibetan settlement, Mundgod, in the southern state of Karnataka, India. Ven. Tenzin Phenthok is a monk at Drepung Loseling who has lived his whole life in Mundgod. He talked with TPI about his life and dreams, the ways the settlement could develop, and the importance of dialogue between ordinary Tibetans and Chinese.

Tibetan protest in Germany (MORE)

Buddhist project aims to develop pilgrimage in state
PATNA, India - Nava Nalanda Mahavihara (University) in collaboration with the department of youth, art, and culture has initiated a project entitled Revival of the Ancient Buddhist Pilgrimage in Bihar." The project has twin objectives of taking the existing Buddhist pilgrimage [circuit] to other lesser known but important places associated with the Buddha and facilitate community-heritage interface.

Nepal hands over 23 detained Tibetans to UNHCR
(VOA Tibet) AUDIO: 23 Tibetan refugees detained... in Nepal for "illegally crossing" into the country have been released Thursday and turned over to the care of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Nepal police arrested 20 Tibetans near a remote western Himalayan village on Sept. 11 for crossing into Nepal from China without having valid travel permits. On Sept. 13, police arrested 3 Tibetans in Barabise of Sindupalchowk district, north-central Nepal.

NEPAL: Gender discrimination fuels malnutrition
(IRIN) Malnutrition is chronic in remote areas. Gender discrimination lies behind much of the malnutrition found in under-five children in Nepal, say locals and experts. In Khalanga Bazaar, Jumla District in Nepal's remote mid-west, there is evidence of seasonal plenty -- apples and walnuts in abundance -- yet last month a 3-year-old child died of malnutrition in the neighboring village of Urthu. According to the Nepal Demographic Health Survey (NDHS), 29 percent of children under five are malnourished, and the problem is chronic... (in the NDHS 2006 report) show more than half of the children are chronically malnourished.

Aung San Suu Kyi on Burma’s political changes
Rangoon - The opposition leader confirms the beginning of change in the country, but warns that “Change is not always for the better.” For her, the international community must contribute to a solution. The United States is cautiously optimistic about the situation. After many years, some websites are... “It is the beginning of the beginning,” Burmese opposition leader said about her country’s political evolution.... Her words take a bit the sail out of the “winds of change” described by US diplomat Kurt Campbell, who is set to meet Myanmar’s foreign minister shortly.

Burmese stock exchange's long-awaited expansion
(Reuters) Federal judge gives shareholders green light for say-on-pay suit. In a quiet room in an aging office block of Myanmar's commercial capital Yangon, a worker scribbles on a whiteboard beneath a row of out-of-sync clocks, updating prices in what could be the world's smallest stock market. Welcome to the Myanmar Securities Exchange (MSEC), among the best-kept secrets of a repressive country hamstrung by Western sanctions and blighted by 49 years of military [dictatorship in the fashion of 1984, the famous Orwell book written about Burma and England].

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"Puncture" trailer. See Big Pharma, Big Bucks