Friday, September 23, 2011

PETA plans PORN site to Save Animals, Wisdom Quarterly, Huffington

Porn for Chicks, Foxes, and Puppies?
Editorial Staff, Wisdom Quarterly
We are prudes. We do not approve. We love animals and consider them worth saving and sparing from human torture for their flesh and pelts. Yet to excite the passions of a world aflame in lust is karma that harms activist and audience. Will we look? Probably. Will we protest? Yes. Will we pose nude? No. Will we applaud or censure those who do? No. Do we condone it? No. Is anyone asking us? Not as such. Does the intention justify the means? No.

We must agitate and enlighten people and call their attention to the plight of our fellow humans, earthlings, and all living beings. But to do so in a way that calls their attention in one way and brings them down in another, that is not the win-win possible here. Is this an effort from within to undermine PETA as an organization? Maybe.

It is not the first such campaign. There was a similar effort by another organization to save the forest by this exact means. The world will be great when it is sex-positive, full of integrity (non-hypocritical), violence-free, equal, and compassionate. Let's bring that moment into being. Make love, not war. Go topless. Be free. Be so considerate of others that their passions are not aroused to their ultimate detriment.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals