Friday, September 2, 2011

Sayalay Susila speaks in Richmond, VA

Vipassana means "seeing things as they really are." The insight gained though the practice of vipassana enables one to correctly interpret the input from the five physical senses and the mind.

The mental factors of mindfulness and wisdom are combined to enable one to see the impermanent, unsatisfactory, and impersonal nature of the body and mind.

Join the Ekoji Buddhist Sangha as Sayalay Susila guides attendees through meditation and a discourse on these precious teachings of the Buddha.

Sayalay Susila was ordained as a Buddhist nun in Malaysia in 1991. She practiced under Sayadaw U Pandita until 1994 then took up intensive practice under the guidance of Ven. Pa Auk Sayadaw at Pa Auk Forest Meditation Center, Burma. Since 2002, she has traveled in the U.S. and Canada teaching Abhidharma and meditation. She is the author of "Unraveling the Mysteries of Mind and Body Through Abhidhamma."