Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Caught in The Web ("Connected" film)

Wisdom Quarterly
(, Now Playing, Sept., 2011)

Buddhist cosmology speaks of devolutions and evolutions and epochs of quiescence and chaos, after Earthlings descended from space (Aganna Sutra), genetic manipulation (usually by nagas in a kind of creationism or celestial intervention), and always more revolutions through the aeons (kalpas in an Indian context of yugas).

US teachings about Evolution vs. Creationism

How things turn and have turned may only seem comprehensible as envisioned in the Wheel of Samsara, the "continued wandering on" or cycling through rebirths (due to our skillful and unskillful karma) in countless worlds within 31 Planes [broad categories] of Existence.

But for all that, we still get excited that our mobile device (cell phone) connects us to the Web and lets us tune in and drop out by
feeling "connected." Tiffany Shlain is onto something: We are interdependent.