Monday, September 12, 2011

The Great Wall of Los Angeles (NEWS)

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Los Angeles versus WAR
LA Vs. WAR will mark the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks with a massive group art exhibition and event taking place in Downtown Los Angeles in a multi-media exhibition chronicling the creative responses to the current military conflicts in the Middle East/North Africa/Central Asia, The Global War on Terror, the Drug Wars, and other wars...

In the Land of the Smiling Buddha
One of the most mysterious and most beautiful states of India, Arunachal Pradesh is a paradise for those who love solitude and spiritual bliss. Above, a kingdom of grey, below, a carpet of white and orange poppies. A serpentine road passes by, combing through that carpet. Destination: Naamgye Lhatse, Tawang monastery.

A graffiti idea, Thai Buddhist temple art (Richard Enticknap/fantasma dorido/flickr)

The Buddha in the Attic (novel by Julie Otsuka)
AUDIO: Otsuka's US history tells the story of a group of young women brought over from Japan to San Francisco as “picture brides” nearly a century ago just before Pearl Harbor. They struggle to master a new language and adapt to a new culture raising children who will ultimately reject their heritage and history.

Shaolin! Buddha Stars in a Kung-Fu Flick
Sadistic warlords square off against noble monks in “Shaolin,” Benny Chan’s satisfying kung-fu action-and-redemption film starring Andy Lau. If the movie feels old-school (with new-school production values), consider its pedigree. It’s no wonder: “Shaolin” is a reimagining of the 1982 “Shaolin Temple,” in which Jet Li made his debut. Trailer

The Buddha's hometown relics to be displayed in S.L.
Relics (cremation remains such as fragments of the Buddha's bones) will travel to Sri Lanka next January, Indian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Ashok K. Kantha said here on Saturday. This is the first time in recent history that the relics will travel out of India. All protocol extended to a head of state will be given to the relics.

The Novice: A Story of True Love
A Vietnamese legend is the root of Zen Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh's debut novel. With its gender disguise and message of forgiveness, it may remind readers a bit of Yentl mixed with the Sermon on the Mount [Jewish and Christian themes regularly alluded to by Thay].

The Great Buddhist Stupa at Sarnath, India

Week-long Silent River (Independent) Film Festival

Kashmir politics in disarray and dirtier than Dal Lake
Kashmiris knew about their leaders all along. They knew they played a many-layered game. So when whistleblower website WikiLeaks recently released cables then US ambassador to India David Mulford sent to the US State Dept. in February 2006, the contents did NOT surprise many.

ABC News won't tolerate 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

Indian separatists attacked in Burma

When a dead language came alive after a century
The first ever international Pali [an exclusively Buddhist language] conference was held in Sri Lanka. It was organized by the Dept. of Pali and Buddhist Studies of the University of Jayawardenapura, a historical event.

Pāḷi: The word Pali itself signifies "line" or "(canonical) text,"a name that seems to have its origins in commentarial traditions, but the line of original text quoted was distinguished from the commentary or vernacular translation that followed it in the manuscript. R.C. Childers translates the word as "series" and states that the language "bears the epithet in consequence of the perfection of its grammatical structure."

NASA hands over ISS research to non-profit CASIS

NASA sets sights on Mars after unmanned Moon shot

China opposes Mexican president's meeting with Dalai lama
BEIJING - China on Saturday expressed strong discontent and opposition to the meeting between Mexican President Felipe Calderon Hinojosa and the Dalai Lama. "This grossly interferes in China's internal affairs, hurts the feelings of the Chinese people, and damages China-Mexico relations," said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ma Zhaoxu in a press release.
China condemns Mexican president’s meeting with Dalai Lama
(BNO NEWS) The Chinese government on Saturday strongly condemned a meeting between Mexican President Felipe Calderón and Tibet's exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, saying it damaged relations between both countries.