Monday, September 12, 2011

50 New Worlds (and Super Earths) Found

Preparing the Planet for Disclosure
Wisdom Quarterly
Buddhist stupas (pagodas, funerary reliquaries) are constructed for UFOs to see from the sky and are usually topped by crescent moons, sun, and laid out symbolically in the form of the cosmos (digifancanon/flickr).

There are aliens in space, many groups with many agendas. The leaders of this planet have always known it. The world's mythologies record it. We (Homo sapien sapiens) have been and are currently in deep space. When people find out how far we have gone, how advanced our technology is, they are going to be upset. Why were we left with Stone Age tools while gleaming ships of extraordinary speed and incomprehensible sophistication (not complexity because the ships have free energy in line with natural laws and principles rather than trying to resist and muscle our way to warp speed) were already part of our human knowledge base? Many are going to be pretty upset if there is no good answer. But we should be happy because it means we were never alone. Life goes on. Doomsday does not mean doom. Now, to ensure anger is kept to a minimum... there's the tricky problem of disclosure. How can the truth be disclosed to lessen the impact? How about first announcing the discovery of many Earth-like planets? How about leaking lots of secret documents? How about offering cockamamie changing cover stories for sightings, video, photos, physical UFO evidence and technology?

Fifty new alien worlds revealed
European astronomers have announced the discovery of more than 50 new planets beyond our solar system, including 16 that are just a notch above our own planet in mass. They say their record-breaking findings suggest that more than half of the stars like our sun possess planets, and that many of those worlds are less massive than Saturn.