Monday, July 25, 2011

Feng Shui for a "romantic" bedroom

There are basic ways to create a romantic bedroom with feng shui.

First of all, clean the bedroom. We need to clear clutter and junk so that positive energy can flow through the room easily. Clutter is known to block the flow of positive energy (called “chi” in feng shui). Things like books, dirty clothes, and other miscellaneous junk should all be removed. The area under the bed should also be cleaned and kept clutter-free. In addition, remove things that are reminders of the past or past relationships.

Moreover, remove the television and the computer from the bedroom. Whether we believe it or not, computers and televisions literally suck energy. They are known to affect the relationship and snatch away a partner’s attention.

Make room for love. If we wish to reignite our love lives, we need to get rid of all objects related to loneliness and make room for objects that represent love. More