Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rave Riot: LAPD vs. EDC primiere

Wisdom Quarterly (SPORTS COVERAGE)

(Wisdom Quarterly) Kaskade invited everyone to a private EDC movie primiere and block party, but too many ravers came. When a patrol car was damaged, LAPD overreacted as is common in Los Angeles. Police fired deadly projectiles at the crowd to retaliate for the burning of the LAPD vehicle and to cause panic and mayhem. Riots and more planking are likely to recur tomorrow night when Lady Gaga arrives to film an appearance/performance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," which is filmed very close to Grauman's Chinese Theatre near the same Hollywood intersection. A few miles away in downtown LA, the Summer 2011 X Games began. (Watch X Games launch on ESPN)

"Electric Daisy Carnival Experience" movie leads to crowds and oppressive police reaction. This view from seven floors up looks down on the massive gathering overtaking the venue (Hollywood Reporter)

(The Hollywood Reporter) Police brought out riot gear to calm down the unruly crowd outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Police donned riot gear to calm down an unruly mob in Hollywood at the world premiere of Electric Daisy Carnival Experience on Wednesday night.

According to Los Angeles' KTLA-TV, DJ Kaskade called for a "block party" outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre: "Today@6pm in Hollywood @Mann's Chinese Theatre. ME+BIG SPEAKERS+MUSIC=BLOCK PARTY!!! RT!" he tweeted.

"Literally thousands and thousands of kids showed up for this thing," reported Tim Conway Jr. of Los Angeles radio station [and Coast to Coast affiliate] KFI. Riot police shut down Hollywood Blvd. and ordered the crowd to leave. But many refused -- because they did not know why they were being turned away. The event was not cancelled; it had reached capacity. They started fighting, throwing bottles, and allegedly set fire to a cop car, KTLA reported. More

The annual corporate event has gotten so big that it was moved to Las Vegas this year.