Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rebuilding the Buddhas of Afghanistan (NPR)

Morning Edition (National Public Radio)

Bit By Bit, Afghanistan Rebuilds Buddhist Statues
(July 27, 2011) The larger of the two Buddha statues that towered over the Bamiyan Valley [thought by some archeologists and historians to be near the original Kapilavastu, where the buddha-to-be grew up], in central Afghanistan.
Foreign Troops Hand Over Province To Afghan Police
(July 17, 2011) Bamiyan province is one of seven areas going to Afghan security control this month in a first round of the transition.

Afghan Government Gathers In Bamiyan Province
(May 25, 2010) About half of the Cabinet ministers traveled to the remote capital of Bamiyan province to spend three days planning for this summer's donor...

The Buddha, once the largest in the world, overlooking the Bamiyan Valley

Notes from Afghanistan: Bamiyan
(October 28, 2006) She tells Scott Simon what has become of Bamiyan, home to the giant Buddha statues destroyed by the Taliban. ... Notes from Afghanistan: Bamiyan. ...R.

Afghans Frustrated by Slow Pace of Development
(May 19, 2008) Of all the roads in Afghanistan's mountainous Bamiyan province, only one mile is paved. ...

Preserving Memory of Afghanistan's Giant Buddhas
(December 13, 2006) ...An undated photo shows one of two huge Buddha statues in Bamiyan before they were destroyed by the Taliban in 2001.

Rebuilding the Buddhas of Bamiyan
(August 15, 2004) Miranda Kennedy visits Afghanistan's Bamiyan Valley, where two giant Buddha statues once stood.

NPR: The Buddhas of Bamiyan
(February 23, 2002) Weekend Edition Saturday's Scott Simon visits Bamiyan, the Afghanistan town where the Taliban destroyed two giant Buddha statues.

Demand Increases for Women to Join Afghan Police
(May 03, 2007) Detective Nahid Rezaie pages through a magazine before an interrogation at Bamiyan police headquarters.

Buddhas of Bamiyan
(February 23, 2002) Giant Buddhas stood vigil over the Afghan town of Bamiyan until the Taliban destroyed the statues, causing worldwide outrage.