Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hollywood Stars are Happier than Us (video)

Wisdom Quarterly
() Hollywood starlet and multi-millionairess Kirsten Dunst admits battling depression. Amy Winehouse lyrics prove testing. Brad and Angelina's new nest?

There may be only two states -- winning and learning. So all the time we are not winning is a time of learning, which does not happen so much -- at least in terms of personal growth -- when we are winning.

The winning will come: success, happiness, relief... it is all assured. There may be much to overcome before then. But there is no such thing as being doomed forever in Buddhism. And so long as there is a NOW, there is an opportunity to stave off, mitigate, and oftentimes remedy whatever may be coming.

There are heinous crimes (matricide, patricide, causing a schism in the Sangha, killing an enlightened person, injuring a Buddha). But even these do not result in a relentless future of misery. Much can be done NOW. In fact, NOW is the only time anything can be done.

Why wish, as we do, to be Hollywood stars? Why pine for millions when, at the root, what we really want is safety and security? Those are available without the millions. Those are available in spite of the millions. They may even be available with the millions. The thing is, the millions will not bring them. Nor would billions.

The fact is, good karma (merit) made at this moment puts us in a mental state where positive things flow. There is no suffering, no fear, no sense of loss except that we make it so. Therefore, we can make it un-so.

Pain (physical hurt) is inevitable; suffering (mental distress) is optional. Letting go is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Mindfulness is a choice.

What causes all distress? The three root poisons of the heart/mind: greed (craving), hatred (fear), and delusion (confusion). Letting go, being kind, and staying mindful of this moment for what it is -- immediately displace the three negative roots. Happiness is instant. Now, if someone would only tell Kirsten Dunst.