Thursday, September 1, 2011

Is My Mind My Friend?

Wisdom Quarterly


"What we think, we become," said the Buddha? Or was it, "We are what we think (as the result of mental karma)? The quote is actually, "Mind is the forerunner of all conditions. If we speak or act with a pure or impure mind/heart, happiness or woe follows us wherever we go" (Dhammapada, Verse 1).

"American Idol" contestant Mary Roach loses mind

Mind—Friend or Foe?

Our thoughts are the building blocks of the lives we desire. My Mind Is Not Always My Friend is a blueprint that shows how we can examine our thinking and change it. Steven J. Fogel shows us how to:

  • confront outside challenges (and inner demons) by changing the way the inner mind views them and reacts to them
  • get out of our own way so we can live every day to the fullest in the present moment

  • become fearless so we can always be at our best
  • identify and manage behavior that until now has been disruptive to the life we want
  • behave in ways that are in harmony with our goals
  • recognize when the voice in our head is likely to lead us into self-destructive behavior
  • develop self-awareness to recognize our set ways of being and to overcome and let them go. More

Mind is the Most Powerful Tool