Thursday, September 8, 2011

Obama Goes Republican (still can't win)

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Selling out at every turn wedded to opinion polls and willing to say whatever it takes (justpolitics)

American Jobs Act (is all an act)
Today B.S. (Barry Soetoro) Obama addressed the nation to pander to what pollsters and his PR firm told him people wanted to hear, particularly Republicans. He said it -- jobs, jobs, jobs for everyone. Cut corporate taxes. Cut the deficit. Minimize government. Fix the roads. Free money for all. Raw-raw-raw, we're Number One! USA, USA, USA, USA!

Obama's speech fails to unite US... over his speech again (

And for all that, concession man got only yawns of disinterest from his new party. Maybe his dissemblance and mendacity have worn thin his message. No one believes it anymore... except the corporations who (s)elected him and stand to benefit the most.

He is so clearly misleading by oration, making empty promises, uttering almost the opposite of what he knows to be true, all for what? To be re(s)elected? To buoy the jobless. To stick it to the opposition? The mainstream media must have had advanced notice and have their spin-doctoring and supportive propaganda ready to go. Let the onslaught begin.

Brown nosing or white facing, Barack bows to Boehner and the Republican party even before they ask (truff pix).

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth [would be] a revolutionary act."
-George Orwell

Falling Out of Love With Obama
It has been reported that the black community is falling out of love with Pres. Barack Obama. Loyal and hopeful voters, the Congressional Black Caucus...
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Massive Power Outage Hits OC, San Diego, Mexico
A massive power outage knocked out electricity for nearly 1.4 million customers in San Diego as well as parts of Southern Orange County, Palm Springs, Tijuana... (See
[So how could we leave Iraq, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Airport Security Area, or the Internet? We must extend these costly and illegal/unethical wars and fight, fight, fight. We are sure taxpayers understand. Hey, and nice that we say this right around 9/11 to keep people cowering and cooperating. Who says the CIA/Pentagon are not geniuses?]