Monday, September 5, 2011

Re-Thinking Progress: Circular Economy (video)

Molly X, Wisdom Quarterly
It's better to be circular like the universe than linear like America's disposable culture

LABOR DAY, 2011 - It is better to live in an intentional community like Eco-Village, Los Angeles, than to buy-use-throw away everything in our lives. This mentality is dangerous to our health, the well being of the planet and has destroyed the economy. It is a corporate means of extraction, pulling money out of consumers who are encouraged to go into debt for the attempted satisfaction of desires ad campaigns seed and water. If we wake up to the unsustainability of this hamster wheel (aka "rat race"), we just might be able to pull ourselves and others out of the mire. It is better than holding our collective breathe waiting to exhale in the hopes that Obama is suddenly going to grow a backbone and reject the corporations that (s)elected him. The same holds true for our health and our garden... and the "meditation practice" we call life. Next time try a green job.

(good to be green)