Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Buddhism on "Coast to Coast"

Jeffrey Grupp with George Noory "Secret Agendas" (September 7, 2011 show)
This ancient meditative art form works with the law of attraction, Christian mysticism, and Zen Buddhism. Virtually unknown now, it was recognized by shamans, Zen Buddhists, mystics, and philosophers as the ultimate power in the universe possessed by everyone.

Radical academic Jeffrey Grupp discusses Buddhism, eastern philosophy, evolutionary theory (debunked), and the similarities between religions and their superiority to many of the sciences.

The interview descended into a discussion of something Grupp calls "dark ecstasy," which he admitted not knowing much about except that he had fallen into it when he was obsessed with evolutionary science, atheism, and other mainstream beliefs not supported by religion. This dark ecstasy was a feeling of intense pleasure that one might get from negative and gruesome events (schadenfreude?) But it is important to note because secret societies are exploiting this negative mental state to control the masses.

On a positive note, the interview covered the law(s) of attraction and how individuals can use them for greater freedom and power in their lives."Telementation" (putting oneself into a state by focus and confidence) is a mode of operating in meditation or daily life to bring about desired ends -- whether it is getting a child to clean his/her room or world peace, healing or attaining goals.

Grupp's book Telementation is a short instruction manual on how to carry out the law of attraction with great ease and productivity by directing inner feelings in a specific way. Many students attempting this become frustrated due to their great efforts and poor results. This is remedied by focusing on feelings rather than beliefs.

The law of attraction is then achieved with Zen-like ease and dramatic success. It consequently creates a revolution in life that ends nearly all personal problems. It brings a person back to one's innate, inalienable greatness and poetic inner peace.

It is particularly productive for those who want a simple guidebook on how to carry out Buddhist meditation or Christian spirituality. It is useful for those who have had trouble attaining ecstatic spiritual states, religious experiences through meditation, and for those unable to overcome depression by conventional methods. More