Monday, September 5, 2011

Is Avatar's James Cameron a real visionary?

Danielle Graham
Interview with Rebecca Keegan, author of The Futurist, The Life and Times of James Cameron

Rebecca Keegan spent seven years covering breaking news stories like 9/11, Osama bin Laden, and sex abuse within the Catholic Church for TIME Magazine before she built professional credibility with intimate profiles of entertainment A-listers Francis Ford Coppola, Robert Downey, Will Smith, and Penélope Cruz and covered premiere events like the Oscars, Sundance, and Comic-Con. Today, she is a staff film writer for the LA Times and continues to keep abreast of popular trends.

She originally met James Cameron while visiting the "Avatar" set for an assignment. In the introduction of his comprehensive biography she states, “I knew Cameron to be an innovator, but this was clearly his magnum opus as a future-minded filmmaker. As I watched the director work, I became curious about a man who seemed interested only in doing things that were hard, and in doing them perfectly, and I determined to follow his intriguing film’s progress more closely.” More