Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Only Debt and Payment Bondage are certain

Wisdom Quarterly

There is no petition. There is no need to call our Congress person. The fix is in. In a cynical ploy, B.S. Obama got what he wanted, what he was told to do, adopting a position to the right of Republicans.

It's cynical because most of us still believe our president is a liberal, someone interested in the welfare of the majority of Americans.

China owns most of our national debt, which ensures a .war of biblical proportions between the U.S. and the Red Army. (Revelation, which outlines the behavior of Judeo-Christian movers and shakers like a game plan, "a strategy worked out in advance," needs a standing army of a million soldiers, and only China qualifies).
  • Will it be financial "Armageddon," a war over water, or a war with the only force that could challenge the world's most violent imperial power, the US?
He is on office (and was selected to be in office by more business contributions than any other candidate in history) to protect the powers that be -- the rich, politically influential military-industrial complex.

That body is not a single unit but arms of a self-serving group of unelected decision makers and multinational oil executives and others. (Car companies are vested in oil and make profits not from their car sales but from the fuel that powers them, like phone companies that make money from calling plans not phone devices themselves).

Which others? The powers behind mainstream media outlets that spin and repeat stories about what is going on and what it means. Economy tanking? No, it's just that peak oil is valuable, and we need to pay a hidden tax by paying not only more for gas but an added fuel cost to everything, which also means losing our jobs and the social support programs that prevent breadlines and Wall Street suicides infamous during the Great Depression.

Cheney-Bush passed the Patriot Act to curtail our civil rights, and B.S. Obama pitched our enslavement to banking interests.