Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lady Gaga's going bald, Kim Kardashian's skin

Wisdom Quarterly (GOSSIP+ADVICE)
Akasa, Netherlands (willem-mantra.blogspot.com)

She "plummets like a shooting star that shines so bright yet falls so far" (How Have the Mighty Fallen?/Sabbat)

Rumor has it, superstar singer Lady Gaga is using Rogaine (to regrow hair). No one in her camp is speaking publicly. But drug and alcohol abuse, mania, sex addiction, stress, a temper, and other acidifying habits would take their toll on anyone's body. Too much testosterone, which causes men to go bald, would also make Gaga (aka S.J.A. Germanotta) stressed out and sexually aggressive. (According to John Gray, therapist and acclaimed author of Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus, females need oxytocin not testosterone to feel soothed. The imbalance would ruin her life, not only cause her hair loss. Hair damage and thinning are aggravated a lack of self-worth. So is anxiety and self-starvation (yo-yo dieting or an undiagnosed eating disorder). As it would for any of us in her position, these things cause the multi-millionairess to overprocess, bleach, dye, and weave her hair -- and even to pull it out. Gaga's yoga habit would help, but she practices exactly the wrong kind (Bikram) for a "fiery constitution" (called pita dosha in Ayurveda). She needs soothing, not stimulation. Is she on a sure track to the 27 Candle Club?


Gorgeous Kim Kardashian has a hideous secret -- one that, like Lady Gaga's, would be helped by an alkalizing diet and a good detoxing -- scaly psoriasis. Her human scabies was revealed on a recent episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." She may avoid stressful situations to prevent flare-ups of this itchy blotchy skin disease, but the root cause is environmental toxins being cleared from the body through its largest organ, the skin. That means the lungs and colon are not doing their job. Yum, celebrities are so beautiful...and just as human as Hollywood agents, some of the least savory humans on the planet.