Friday, August 26, 2011

Sex with Neanderthals (animation)


VIDEO: "Family Guy" explores cave-couple sex and fighting

Sex with cavemen helped modern humans

"The cross-breeding wasn't just a random event that happened, it gave something useful to the gene pool of the modern human," said Stanford University's Peter Parham, senior author of the study in the journal Science.

Equipped with knowledge of the genome of the Neanderthals and the Denisovans, of whom a tooth and a finger bone were discovered in a Russian cave last year, researchers scoured the data for hints of what genes crossed over.

Scientists already knew that about four percent of Neanderthal DNA and up to six percent of Denisovan DNA are present in some modern humans. This study took a close look at a group called HLA class I genes which help the immune system adapt to fight off new pathogens that could cause various infections, viruses and diseases.

Researchers traced the origin of one type, HLA-B*73, to the Denisovans, who likely mated with humans arriving in West Asia on their way out of Africa. More

"Humans" According to Buddhist Cosmology

Wisdom Quarterly (COMMENTARY)

There are 31 Planes of Existence. That means living beings can take rebirth in various forms on various planes, even formlessly. Most realms, however, are "fine material" planes. But sadly most beings fall into unfortunate worlds. This world, this Earth, is not the full extent of the "human realm," according to Wisdom Quarterly: American Buddhist Journal experts.

There are three spheres (sensual, fine material, and immaterial) in this world system. But there are countless world systems in all directions. Humans within this world system are not limited to Earth. We have been to the stars, and many reside there. Everywhere things evolve, devolve, and repeat. The history of life on this Earth is only known to a few.

Most of us are fed anthropological nonsense, sincere nonsense, from good professors. But entire fields of knowledge ignore the inconvenient truths their science stumbles on. Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael A. Cremo is one brave effort to reveal the facts that do not fit the story. Cremo reveals a history so vast and incomprehensible that most shrink back to the safety of a story of human history that does not even make sense.

But Cremo's findings do accord with the wisdom of the East. Indian mythology (indeed mythologies from around the world), cosmology, and spiritual history (Vedas) tell an altogether different story covering billions of years, cosmic cycles, past empires, space flight, extraterrestrial visitations, other worlds, life on other planets in this very solar system, and much more. The Buddha adopted much of this cosmology. And apparently the Egyptians and Sumerians were aware of it.

Wisdom Quarterly has gone so far as to postulate that Buddhist cosmography and cosmology, which is centered around the mythical Mt. Sumeru, may be what Sumerian civilization was all about. There have been many visitations, many iterations of the "human" species, punctuated equilibrium (biological evolution in bursts), and a great deal of genetic manipulations by nagas (reptilians), devas (beautiful light being ETs), asuras (titans), kumbandhas (trolls), and even yakkhas (possibly neanderthals and other bipedal hominids, who still roam the world's forests in secret).

That Homo sapiens (modern humans) mated -- or were combined with since different species cannot produce viable offspring by simple mating -- should surprise no one. Homo floresiensis were "hobbits." And yet they were human. "Human" is a very labile term.

Stewie's Big Bang Theory (Family Guy)